AI in Healthcare: Research, Applications, and Challenges

AI in Healthcare: Research, Applications, and Challenges

Posted by Senti AI

April 22, 2020

Hosted by AI Pilipinas in its online meetup #15 last April 15, 2020, a panel of health professionals were able to discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can impact the healthcare scene in our country today. With dedicated and applied insights, they were able to shed light on the many challenges of AI and how we can solve them.

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Watch our very own Senti AI’s CEO Ralph Regalado moderate this discussion which opened up helpful perspectives of our panel.


Dr. Patrick Sylim

Project Manager and Consultant

Dr. Erwin John Carpio

Member, Subcommittee for AI
Philippine College of Radiology

Atty. Aiken Larisa Serzo

Senior Associate
Disini Law

Prof. Julie Ann Salido

Associate Professor
Aklan State University

Even with the resistance of implementing AI-solutions to the medical industry, modern technology is actively affecting the way doctors handle every case that they have. There are AI developments and applications being used, specifically for processing sources of data, which are not optimized to its real potential. Research and data privacy were discussed to maximize these data collection activities.

Included in the discussion:

AI and its Use Cases in Healthcare

  • Advantages of real-time diagnosis featuring medical records is the best objective diagnosis there is.
  • With the COVID-19 outbreak, AI was able to deliver news reports about the virus and prior predictions before it can spread worldwide.
  • The relationship of correlation and causality, between AI and human medical professionals was discussed.
  • Limitations of AI and how we can reinforce continuous learning to solve them.
  • How AI will not replace people
    Humans are more choice and explanation driven than AI. Doctors can observe and detect specific findings than AI can ever do. There should be an aim to use AI in augmenting laboratory processing and increasing the speed of managing systems.With its cost efficient and responsible integration to a medical system, AI and its solutions can provide assistance to doctors and nurses here in the Philippines.

AI Governance

  • Intended and commercial use of data
  • Accountability of the entities and hospitals
  • Guidelines and restrictions of data cloud technology
  • Deployment and subcommittees of AI

AI Applications in the Future

  • Collaboration of the Philippine government and AI-inclined companies
  • Modernized applications and file processing of AI in Healthcare

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