Senti AI Gets Guidance from AWS Through the Partner Transformation Program

Senti AI Gets Guidance from AWS Through the Partner Transformation Program

Posted by Senti AI

September 17, 2021

The AWS team regularly meets with Senti AI online to provide guidance and monitor progress.

Senti AI may already be the leading artificial intelligence company in the Philippines, but that does not mean that we’re just going to sit on our laurels. Every day provides new opportunities to learn and enhance our existing skills to better serve our clients. It is important to us that we constantly upgrade our knowledge to keep up with the rapid pace of technology and maintain our standing as leaders in the industry.

Last quarter, Amazon Web Service (AWS) selected Senti AI for their Partner Transformation program. The said program provides AWS partners with assessments and training to enable them to build a successful AWS Cloud business. Its goal is to provide guidance to accelerate the development of AWS skills and expertise of partners to better serve their customers’ journey to the cloud.

For us at Senti AI, the PTP enabled us to discover and align on the technical skills needed for AWS projects. The program also helped us figure out what processes need to be refined and implemented. It also encouraged everyone in the company to identify our strengths and weaknesses so we could find out what to improve on. We also identified strategic goals and metrics to measure efforts made across the organization.

Overall, the PTP was able to push us to document our processes and also align ourselves with best practices to help scale the organization.

“We were able to receive guidance on how we can effectively strategize and execute our activities so that we can be objective, efficient, and customer-centric. In addition to this, the program allowed us to identify key areas of improvement that our organization needed in order to grow,” Marketing Head Nika Ortega said.

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